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Trail Mix – The Perfect Companion Wherever You Are

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Trail Mix RunnerWhile trail mix was originally invented to be eaten while hiking, its nutrition filled lightweight convenience makes it the perfect snack wherever you are.

As we discussed in our blog, Incorporating Nutritious Foods into Your Diet, keeping a bag of mixed fruit or nuts on-hand is a great way to stay on track with a healthy lifestyle. Whether you keep a stash in your pantry, car, bag, or all of the above, trail mix is a superb snack option when you’re on the go…. or on the couch.

You can purchase prepared mixes, make your own or (speaking of combos) you can do both!

The success of a trail mix combo lays in the NuTT factor: Nutrition Taste and Texture. When making your own it’s easy to tailor your mix to fit your needs. While we encourage you to use your imagination, we’re happy to get your creative juices flowing with a list of some of our favorites below:

Grown-up GORP: What do you get when you mix Good Ol’ Raisins, Peanuts and M&Ms with a fun loving foodie? Grown-up GORP!

Tropical Delight: You may not be able to fly off to a tropical island on a whim, but you can send your taste-buds there with this tropical combo!

Trail-nog: This comfort combo great for a night of sitting around at a campfire, watching a late night movie on the coach, or anywhere else!

Blues ‘Shews: Sweet and silky, every element in this group promises to satisfy!

Passover Perfection: This deconstructed version of “Sephardi Charoset” is perfect for your family gatherings or outings this Passover … and year round!

Now you try! Don’t worry, there’s really no way to go “wrong” here….  just remember to follow the NuTT rule and you’ll be golden!

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