Summer Camp Packing: Don’t Forget the Candy!

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Most parents have a hard time sending their kids off to camp. Whether you’re a first timer or an expert, the idea of being so far away from your kids can bring up feelings of sadness and a bit of anxiety too.

Snacks and candies to the rescue! No, not for you to comfort binge on – these treats are for your kids!

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Instead of only thinking about the practical aspects of summer camp packing – like underwear, toiletries and linens, add in a few sweet treats so that your little sweetie feels loved (somehow the labeled underwear doesn’t get the same message across). Plus treats are more fun to shop for than toiletries, don’t you think?

Before you decide on which candies to send, check that the camp allows it. With the rise of allergies and food intolerances many camps have rules about what snacks are okay for the kids to bring.

Choose nonperishable items, like fruit rolls, jelly beans and gummi candies. Stay away from chocolate since it’ll probably melt by the time it gets to camp.

Feel the need to fulfill your parenting instincts by sending nutritious snacks too? We got you covered! Fruit and/or nut mixes are a great way ensure your little one is getting the extra calories needed to keep up with an active summer ahead. You can choose from our mixes or go ahead and order the ingredients individually to make your own perfect trail mix (check out some trail mix ideas here).

Don’t forget, sharing means caring, so make sure you send some extra snacks for your child to share with friends.

And finally, remember to take care of yourself too. Go ahead and order some of your own favorites to comfort yourself with once the camp bus is out of sight!

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