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Summer Camp Care Packages

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Shipping  box with tagCampers across America are enjoying the overnight camp experience. Whether this is your kid’s first of fifth summer at overnight camp there is one thing that all campers look forward to no matter how old they get: care packages from home!

Having your name called out during mail call is a joy in itself, adding a box full of goodies to that equals a very “happy camper”!

Sending small care packages regularly is a great way to keep your kid feeling secure and connected for the few weeks of separation. Care package themes can add an extra dimension of fun too!

Get inspired by our theme ideas for summer camp care packages!

Beach Themed Care Package:

“Summer” and “Beach” often go hand in hand, so a beach themed care package is very appropriate. Throw in a beach ball, a new swim suit, flip flops, a fun beach towel and a sun hat. Want to add a little something sweet? How about some Fruit Filled Sea Shells, Aquarium Candy, Gummi Clown Fish and Gummi Sharks?

Color Themed Care Package:

Many people find a specific color comforting. No matter what color of the rainbow your child finds comfort in, create a care package based on it. For example if your kid loves the color purple, fill a box with useful and fun purple presents:   A purple notebook, a purple ink pen, a purple toothbrush, hat, hairclip, Frisbee and of course their favorite colored candy!

Galaxy Themed Care Package:

Think your little one is out of this world? Show it with a galaxy themed care package. Fill it glow in the dark galaxy stickers, a fun educational book about outer space, space ship bedding or towels and galaxy candy to share with bunk-mates.

Home Sweet Home Themed Care Package:

Time away in camp is sure to make your kid’s heart grow fonder for the comforts of home. It can also help kids who are a little homesick feel closer to you. Send a small stuffed animal, a comforting blanket and personalize it with some family photos and sentimental notes from the family. Add some healthy snacks like dried fruit and nut mixes to remind them that their physical well-being is always important to you, even when they aren’t under your roof.

Remember, if you have fun putting their care package together, they’ll be sure to have fun opening it!

*When sending a care package make sure that the contents comply with the camps rules and regulations. 

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