Size Matters

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A new retail candy store opened on South Beach this week so of course we ran over there to check out the newest candy kid in the neighborhood. As we strolled through the bright and colorful store weaving through the towers of Whirly Pops and running by the bulk bins of gummi bears and licorice twists we came to a quick halt when we came across the price tags. Bulk bins were all $12.99 per lb! That’s almost $8.00 more per lb on a lot of the same items we stock. This got us thinking… do consumers understand the difference between wholesale and retail?

New Urban Farms is a wholesale distributor. This means we buy in bulk quantities directly from the manufacturer/farmer. Wholesalers buy with the intention of redistributing the products in smaller quantities to retailers or to other distributors who break down the cases to even smaller quantities for retailers.


(A recent delivery of 42,000 lbs of Turkish Apricots in one of our warehouses)

Buying in a retail store allows you to buy small quantities for everyday use but, it also comes with a higher price tag because of the cost of the packaging materials and labor to pack those products. 5lbs of nuts might sound like a large quantity to keep at home for cooking or snacking, but if stored properly those 5lbs will stay fresh and help you save some bucks.

We like to think that size does matter…





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