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Novelty Candy From New Urban Farms

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Ever long for the days when life was simpler? When day to day logistics were the adult’s issue, not yours? Although childhood is limiting in the fact that you’re not able to make your own choices there was a freedom to that as well.

Unfortunately we can’t take your to-do list off your hands, but we can offer you a bit of healthy nostalgia with our novelty candy. Hopefully tapping into some of your happy childhood memories will reinvigorate your adult self… at the least the sugar will do the trick!

Candy Sticks (also known as “barber pole candy”) has been around since before the Civil War. Some of you may remember it as a staple at the local mom-and-pop market or a candy that your grandma or grandpa always kept around and handed to you with a smile when you were feeling down. We carry candy sticks in a variety of flavors and colors.


Marzipan is one of those candies that you either absolutely love or absolutely … well love!  This traditional sweet confection that has been decorating dessert tables for centuries. We sell trays of 54 pieces in an assortment of flavors or boxes of individual flavors.

These days you can’t think of Button Candy without thinking about Katy Perry’s button candy dress, which brought these old school candies to the next generation. Lucky them, can you imagine your childhood without the fun of peeling these super-sized candy buttons off their paper? We carry Sweet Candy Buttons as well as Sour Candy Buttons. Each pack includes two sheets of four different flavors.

These are just a few of our novelty candies at New Urban Farms. We carry many more including Candy Corn, Laffy Taffy, Atomic Fireballs and more. Check out our Novelty Candy and place your order today!

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