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June Brides and Jordan Almonds: A likely pair

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sugared almonds on kitchen tableI love June! Just a month to go until the rainy days will be gone (kind of) and the wedding invitations can start being celebrated!

Which makes me wonder: why is June is the most popular time for weddings? And why are Jordan Almonds the most popular candy favor at weddings? It may seem as plain as June being the perfect weather and Jordan Almonds being a pretty and sweet treat, but in truth there’s more to it.

May has long been considered an unlucky month to marry due to the ancient Roman tradition of the Feast of the Dead and the Festival of the Goddess of Chastity, which both took place in May. June on the other hand is named after the goddess Juno, the goddess of hearth and home. The nice weather is just an added bonus!

Now that we’ve concluded our brief history lesson, let’s get onto the fun stuff… the candy!

In general the significance of Jordan Almonds at weddings is that fresh almonds have a bittersweet taste which signifies the reality of life. The sugar coating represents the hope that the couple’s life together will have more sweetness than bitterness. 

In Italy, five candy covered almonds are given to each guest in a pretty box or bag personalized with the happy couple’s names to signify the following blessings:

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Happiness
  4. Fertility
  5. Longevity

At traditional Greek weddings these treats are placed in bags in odd numbers and served on a silver tray. The odd numbers signify indivisibility, that they are given at the wedding signifies that the couple will always remain undivided.

In Middle Eastern tradition almonds are a symbol of fertility, the fact that they’re an aphrodisiac is not a coincidence. It’s said the smell of almonds arouses passion and desire in women. Can assume the sugar coating is for extra energy? For fun, let’s!

Here are some ideas of ways to add Jordan Almonds to your next celebration… wedding or other:

  • Put some in a decorative bag
  • Fill champagne glasses with them
  • Scatter them around the centerpieces
  • Pour a handful in glass bowls
  • Pack a few in a pretty box
  • Wrap a bunch in tulle and tie it with a ribbon

We carry a large variety of Jordan Almonds for you to choose from. We’d love if you’d share a photo of how you choose to present them at your next celebration on Facebook!


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