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Ice Cream Sundae Ideas from New Urban Farms

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There’s nothing quite as fun to me to eat as an ice cream sundae, don’t you agree? Well maybe one thing… a DIY sundae at home with your loved ones.

In honor of family fun month, plan an afternoon project with your family that you can eat when you’re done. Here are three ideas for amazing ice cream sundaes with easily adjustable toppings to satisfy every family member’s specific taste.

ice cream sundae

Family Fun Sundae: Dating back to 1904 the banana split is one of classiest sundae around and fun to make and eat with family and friends.

  • Cut one banana in half lengthwise and place against the sides of a shallow, narrow dish
  • Place one scoop of vanilla, one scoop of chocolate and one scoop of strawberry ice cream in a row between the banana slices
  • Pour chocolate and strawberry syrup  on top of ice cream
  • Spoon marshmallow cream over syrup
  • Spray whip cream on top of marshmallow cream.
  • Now the fun really begins! Add toppings galore from nuts to sprinkles, candies to chocolate pieces and any other topping you can think of. Then dig in… literally!

Gourmet Sundae: Having as dinner party this summer? Wow your guest with a gourmet apple-bowl sundae!

  • Slice the top of each apple off and discard the top
  • Using a melon baller scoop out most of the apple’s flesh (be sure not to scoop out to much so that the ice cream doesn’t seep out)
  • Pour drop of lemon juice on the flesh of the apple to prevent browning
  • Fill apple with a scoop of vanilla or sweet cream ice cream
  • Top chocolate syrup and banana chips

Indulgent Sundae: Ice cream is an indulgence as is, but when you add cherries and white chocolate the result is … well you’ll have to try it for yourself!

  • Place a handful of dried cherries at the bottom of a sundae glass
  • Place a scoop of vanilla or sweet cream ice cream on top of the dried cherries
  • Top with another handful or dried cherries, chopped white chocolate, slivered almonds and shredded coconut.
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