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What Are Your Food Cravings Telling You?

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Did you know that your body talks to you? It’s true, it tells you when you’re taking on too much or too little, when you should be cautious or take a leap of faith and much more. It also tells you what it kind of nutrition it needs. How? Food Cravings!

“Cravings” tend to get a bad rap because they often come in the form of a desire for the “unhealthy” food choices, but in fact what they are simply trying to tell you is what your body needs. Unfortunately, cravings don’t speak the same language as you, so it can take years to learn the language of your cravings.

That’s why we’re giving you a cheat sheet with the ABC’s of cravings along with some alternative ideas so that you can start listening to your body.


Often when we are craving sweets we are actually dehydrated. Sip some water while thinking about these snack options: cranberries, cruciferous vegetables, beans, grapes, legumes, animal protein and/or nuts.


Dark Chocolate isn’t necessarily a “bad” choice when craving chocolate, in moderation of course! You can also try satisfying your craving for chocolate with fruits, legumes, nuts and/or seeds.

Oily Snacks and/or Fatty Foods:

If your craving a bag of chips or french fries, most likely you need fat. Yes, fat is good for you, so long as it comes in the form of healthy fats. Try eating dark greens like, mustard greens, broccoli, turnip greens or kale. Additionally you can try satisfying your fatty craving with cheese, legumes or sesame seeds.

Carbonated Drinks:

Ironically, the solution for fulfilling the craving for carbonated drinks is the same list as the one for oily snacks and fatty foods. No wonder a coke and french fries go together so well! Try the same list as mentioned above: mustard or turnip greens, broccoli, kale, cheese, legumes or sesame seeds.


Sometimes no matter what we’re craving and whether or not we get it, we still feel the need to eat. This leads to a long list of unpleasant repercussions which makes adding these foods to your daily diet can really pay off! Try incorporating cheese, lamb, liver, seeds and nuts, raisins, spinach, sweet potato and orange, green and red fruits and vegetables to your diet and be sure to avoid refined starches!

Lack of Appetite:

While those with an unsatisfied appetite might think this category is a blessing, I can assure you it’s not. You know your body needs food and yet nothing is appealing to you. This is a sure sign that you are in need of basic vitamins like Vitamin B, Manganese and Chloride. Foods rich in these vitamins include: Nuts and seeds, beans, organ meats, animal protein, walnuts, almonds, pecans, pineapple and blueberries.

For both overeating and lack of appetite, flavor your food with unrefined sea salt as well.


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