Attack of the Alligators!

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Down here in South Florida it’s not uncommon to turn on the local news and hear a story about an alligator roaming its way into someone’s front yard. Just the other day we had an alligator attack of our own; although, the gators that got us weren’t the kind that crawled out of the swamps in the Everglades, they were the sweet, sugary, gummi type. The gummi eggs hatched and brought us brand new Gummi Alligators. In honor of our new product we thought we’d turn the spotlight on alligators, especially since the Alligator is our (Florida’s) Official State Reptile.

Once classified as an endangered species, the American Alligator has re-populated thanks to habitat preservation, federal and state protection rights and activists who helped save the reptiles from the demand of alligator products (think handbags, belts and shoes) officially helping take this animal off the endangered list. The American Alligator is mostly found in the marshy swamps of Louisiana and Florida with male alligators measuring as long as 15ft (that’s huge!) while females get as long as 10ft. With their eyes set on top of their head they swim quietly through the water watching their prey as they prepare their attack. Scared yet? The good news is that should you find yourself in a situation where it’s just you and a gator with miles of land and nothing else you’re probably in luck. You can run in zig zags as the urban legend reads but, we read that gators don’t actually run that fast on land. They’re much better at attacking by surprise and creeping up on you quietly. They can get rather speedy in the water so whether you choose to run in a straight line or zig zags you probably can outrun the massive gator.

Here’s hoping that the only gator attack you’ll experience is of the gummi kind.

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